Norman Abeles To Receive Award for “Distinguished Senior Career Contributions To Psychology In The Public Interest”

Normal AbelesNorman Abeles, current Science Domain representative from APA’s Division of Psychotherapy (Division 29) will receive the Distinguished Senior Career Contributions to Psychology in the Public Interest Award  at the APA convention in San Diego in August 2010. Dr. Abeles is a Professor of Psychology Emeritus at Michigan State University where he served as Director of the Psychological Clinic and Director of Clinical Training. He focuses his work  in the area of aging. He was instrumental in  creating the Office of Aging at APA when he was President of APA in 1997. He has also been very active in presenting workshops on ethics and  has written Journal articles on Aging and on ethics and on psychotherapy research. He is also a Past President of APA’s Division of Psychotherapy.  He currently serves on the Geriatiric and Gerontology  Advisory Committee to the Secretary of the Veteran’s Administration and has twice been invited to the  White House conference on Aging which meets every  10 years. He currently serves on the Publications and Communications Board of APA as well as on the Board of Division 12 (clinical) where he represents the section on Assessment.  Division 29 is very proud of his accomplishments.