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Thank you for your interest in Division 29! Our offer of 500 free student memberships for 2014 is now closed, as we have reached our maximum limit. We would still love to welcome you to the Division though! To complete membership registration, please fill out both Step One and Step Two below. Student dues are $20 annually – a wonderful deal for all the excellent benefits you will receive.


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The minimum qualifications for election to the category of Student Affiliate shall be enrollment in at least one of the following:

  • In an graduate college/university program which is offered in a department of psychology
  • In a graduate program which includes training in psychotherapy and which is offered in a department of psychology or in a department which is primarily psychological in nature
  • In a school of professional psychology situated in an institution of higher learning which is regionally accredited
  • In a regionally accredited free standing school of professional psychology

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Fellow, Member, or Associate: $40 per year.

Student: $20.00 per year.

Membership includes a subscription to the Psychotherapy Bulletin, to the Division’s journal, Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice and Training, and access to the Division E-mail list-serve.